Sir Paul McCartney kicks off Auckland concert

Sir Paul McCartney kicks off his one-off New Zealand concert in Auckland on Saturday night.

Eager fans have been streaming to the venue, Mt Smart Stadium, with almost 30,000 people expected to attend.

It's the first time he's been here since 1993 - and 53 years since the 1964 Beatles tour that changed the country.

In June 1964 the Beatles shook up New Zealand. It was a week of mass hysteria - there were the concerts where they could barely hear themselves beneath the piercing shrieks of teenagers.

Authorities were woefully unprepared for the near riots wherever they went.

It's been said New Zealand was never the same again, but the Fab Four never returned as a band. But Sir Paul, back with his wife Linda in 1993, remembered it well.

"I mean it's a long time ago now. But the Māori welcome and rubbing noses is hard to forget, it was good fun," he says.

Now two wives later but just as spry, 75-year-old Sir Paul jetted in this week for a couple of days of R and R ahead of this, the latest concert on his 20-month tour.

"Looking forward to the gig on Saturday night in Auckland, hope to see you there, come on let's rock," he says.