Star Wars: The Last Jedi attacked by alt-right, NRA, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump Jr

The alt-right is claiming responsibility for a backlash against the latest Star Wars movie, while the actor who plays Luke Skywalker is under attack from far-right political figures in the US.

The Last Jedi was released globally last week and has hauled in more than an enormous NZ$767 million at the worldwide box office.

While countless fans and critics love the new film, many others do not and are hitting it with negative reviews on websites like IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes.

A portion of the negative reviews were left by bots as part of a concerted attack by an alt-right member who spoke with the Huffington Post.

The extremist group appears to be unhappy with The Last Jedi for featuring a racially diverse cast that includes prominent female characters, along with a bizarre fear that Luke Skywalker may be "turned" homosexual.

Meanwhile, Mark Hamill is being publically criticised by Donald Trump Jr, the NRA and conservative senator Ted Cruz.

Alt-right, real life Dark Side attacks Mark Hamill.
Luke Skywalker, The Last Jedi Photo credit: Lucasfilm

The NRA, a powerful lobby group that aims to maximise the sale of firearms in the US, is upset with the actor for advocating stricter gun control.

"What if the Galactic Republic outlawed lightsabers and ray guns? No more armed spaceships," says NRA spokesperson Grant Stinchfield.

"Darth Vader's evil empire would have run ramshod over Skywalker... Does someone really need to remind Luke Skywalker of that? Give me a break, Mark Hamill. Go back to Hollywood, drink a latte, and call security to watch your back."

Cruz criticised Hamill for supporting net neutrality, suggesting Darth Vader would have also done so, rather than allowing corporations to pick and choose what people are allowed access to online.

Hamill hit back at Cruz, referencing the failed presidential nominee being caught recently liking a tweet link to an explicit porn video.

Trump Jr, notorious for comparing refugees to poisonous jellybeans, then got involved by claiming Cruz had "killed" Luke Skywalker with his tweet.

New Zealand comedian Jemaine Clement responded to Trump Jr's, observing that even before his tweet it was obvious he was a member of the Dark Side.


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