Strip Club from The Sopranos shut down for alleged Mafia activity

The Satin Dolls club in New Jersey, setting for Bada Bing!
The Satin Dolls club in New Jersey, setting for Bada Bing! Photo credit: Reuters.

A New Jersey strip club made famous as a location in The Sopranos has been shut down due to alleged real-life gang activity by the club's owner.

In the series, Mafia boss Tony Soprano, played by the late James Gandolfini, conducted much of his illicit business at the fictitious "Bada Bing! club".

For all six series of the critically acclaimed show, which ended in 2007, Satin Dolls strip club in New Jersey served as the setting for the Bada Bing! club.

The real-life club did well off its fictional counterpart, hosting tours and even auctioning of some of the furnishings.

But last week the club was shut down after the owner, who had previously pleaded guilty to racketeering, was accused of mafia links and under-the-table accounting.

According The Telegraph, Christopher Porrino, Attorney-General for New Jersey said: "Illegal activity was glorified at the Bada Bing! in the fictional world of Tony Soprano, but it has no place in modern-day New Jersey and it's time to shut it down."

The venue has now served its last customer, and the owners have until January 3 to sell or transfer their liquor licence.