This woman's vile Christmas pizza puts Bill English's to shame

If you thought Bill English's spaghetti-and-pineapple pizza was bad, get a load of this.

A US couple have shared their idea of a great Christmas treat - but rather than inspire a new trend in holiday food, they've ruined the jolly season for everyone.

That's because their creation - a variation of the beloved Italian pizza - is truly repugnant.

Chicago native David Sanchez shared a series of images of the pizza on Twitter and it has since gone viral, simply due to how awful it looks and is likely to taste.

Their pizza consists of just three ingredients - a dough base, grated cheese and dozens of candy canes.

People are enraged at the couple's invention and DiGiorno, the pizza brand that made the base they used, have responded with a very clear expression of their sentiments towards it.

Their reply consisted of a retweet of the original post, alongside the caption "NO NO NO" - a post that garnered more than 50,000 likes.

And they're not the only ones upset by it - many Twitterati appear enraged and are accusing the couple of single-handledly destroying Christmas for everyone who sees photos of it.