'Trump has his supporters brainwashed' - Eminem

Eminem is baying for the impeachment of US President Donald Trump, who he says is brainwashing Americans into thinking he's helping them.

The 'Kill You' rapper has given a lengthy interview to Vulture, much of which is spent explaining why he hates the former Celebrity Apprentice host.

Eminem, real name Marshall Mathers, says Mr Trump makes his "blood boil".

"What he's doing putting people against each other is scary f**king shit. His election was such a disappointment to me about the state of the country."

Eminem caused controversy with an acclaimed freestyle about Mr Trump at the BET Hip-Hop Awards earlier this year.

Not only did he lyrically attack the real estate mogul, but also anyone who voted for him - including Eminem fans.

Now, however, the rapper seems sympathetic to Mr Trump's voters and hopes they see though his "smokescreens".

"The tax cut is not going to help the middle-class. It's going to help Donald Trump," says Eminem.

"I don't want any voters to get f**ked; everyone's trying to improve their lives. I just feel mad that Trump's sold people a dream that's never coming true.

"At what point do you - a working-class citizen, someone who's trying to make shit better for you and your family - think this guy who's never known struggle his entire f**king life, who avoided the military because of bone spurs, who says he's a billionaire, is really looking out for you? He's got people brainwashed."

Eminem's latest album, Revival, was released earlier this month.