2018 Oscar nominees - lack of Asians, Latinos called out

  • 24/01/2018
Literally no Asians or Latinos have been nominated in 2018 Oscars acting categories.
Hong Chau in Downsizing Photo credit: Paramount Pictures

The unveiling of the nominees of the 2018 Academy Awards has been met with criticism from some for a perceived lack of diversity.

That no Asian or Latino nominees feature in any of the acting categories has been called out, among many headlines and social media reactions that have praised the list of Oscar nominees more inclusionary than usual.

It's the sixth consecutive year that no Latino actors have been nominated for an acting Academy Award, while in 2017, Dev Patel was the only actor of Asian descent to get an Oscar nod for acting.

"Latinos are 18 percent of population and 23 percent of moviegoers, but only three percent of speaking characters in film," broadcaster Jorge Ramos stated on Twitter.

"Time for an Oscar."

Actress Constance Wu hit out at the lack of Asian American representation, suggesting Hong Chau should've gotten a nod for Downsizing.

Meanwhile, many others have celebrated the high-profile nods to female, black and transgender people in this year's nominations.

The awards will be handed out on March 4 at a ceremony in Hollywood hosted by comedian Jimmy Kimmel.