Aussie TV network accidentally plays NZ spoof fishing show Screaming Reels as documentary

Leigh Hart and Jason Hoyte on Screaming Reels.
Leigh Hart and Jason Hoyte on Screaming Reels. Photo credit: YouTube

Australian TV network Channel 7 may have to answer some questions after buying NZ parody fishing show Screaming Reels believing it was a documentary.

The show stars Leigh Hart and Jason Hoyte, who proclaim to be great fishermen but do not have much success.

Twitter user Alex Lee noticed the mistake, in which Channel 7 planned to show the very adult-rated show at 10:30am on a Sunday.

"So… I think Channel 7 bought a NZ parody fishing show without realising it's a comedy," she said.

"For starters, they talk about snorting cocaine and using a drone to film yourself having sex, yet it's on at 10:30am on a Sunday and is classified as 'sport' and 'reality'."

Some Australian viewers of the show appeared to be caught by surprise when it did air two, voicing their displeasure at the hosts' inability to actually catch fish.

"Screaming reels TV show on @7mate, one of the silliest shows on tv," one viewer wrote.

"They don't even catch a fish n when they do they cut the line."


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