Banksy exhibition should be free - collector

A Banksy collector is criticising a new exhibition that has just opened in Auckland.

The Art of Banksy is the largest collection of well-known street artist's work on show, at the Aotea Centre for the next month.

More than 80 Banksy works are on display and tickets go for $35 each.

However, street artist curator George Shaw says making people pay for the show takes away from what Banksy is about.

"You're precluding the people who would potentially benefit most from it, younger people, from going to see it because they can't afford to get in.

"What would Banksy want us to do? Are we doing stuff that actually fits in with his ethos and his belief systems?"

The exhibition, made up of pieces all privately-owned by collectors, will run from January 5 to February 6.


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