From ugly-crying to sleeping through it - how the 2018 Oscar nominees reacted

Many of the nominees of the 2018 Academy Awards have revealed how they reacted when they got the news.

Get Out filmmaker Jordan Peele says he 'ugly-cried' on the phone to the film's lead star Daniel Kaluuya, among other emotional tweets about his nominations.

The Big Sick star and writer Kumail Nanjiani, on the other hand, joked that he slept through the whole announcement.

An Entertainment Weekly reporter tweeted that Greta Gerwig was "ugly-crying-screaming-laughing" when she spoke to her after Lady Bird's nominations.

Hugh Jackman posted a passionate tribute to James Mangold, who was nominated for their superhero movie Logan.

"He finally got the recognition he deserves," said Jackman.

Mindy Kaling expressed joy at many of the nominations, paying special tribute to Rachel Morrison for being the first female to ever be nominated for Best Cinematography.

Kobe Bryant described his nomination as "beyond the realm of imagination", thanking his collaborators for "taking my poem to this level".

Check out the social media reactions below.


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