Golden Globes 2018 red carpet highlights: A red carpet flooded in black


The 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards is underway in Los Angeles and the typical phrase "Who are you wearing?" has become "why are you wearing it?"

Dozens of A-list actresses, including presenters and nominees, pledged to wear all-black ensembles in a widespread stand against gender inequality and sexual misconduct.

It makes it a touch more difficult to cover fashion. If an actress is washed out in black, should I imply she should've abandoned her political standing and gone for a brighter hue?

Of course not.

However, there are some celebs that rocked a dark look a little better than others, and for the sake of the art of fashion - I'm here to compare them.

Here are some of the best (and worst) blacked-out moments on the red carpet:

William H Macy

75th ANNUAL GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS -- Pictured: (l-r) arrive to the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 7, 2018.
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The Shameless actor donned an all-black ensemble on the red carpet, going for a dark velvet suit over a shirt and bowtie.  He was one of the men on the red carpet, and also one of the best dressed. The outfit was finished off with one of the pins launched by Time's Up, Hollywood's newly launched anti-sexual harassment and assault initiative.

Susan Kelechi Watson

Susan Kelechi Watson at the Golden Globes
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If you're going to join a uniform of all-black outfits but still want to rule the red carpet, you have to find a way to stand out somehow, and the way to do it is clearly:

1: Add sparkles.

2: Add more.

The This Is Us actress was absolute fire on the red carpet. Great accessories, especially that rock on her hand which looks like it would tip anyone else over onto their left side. It's hard to figure out what's sparklier; the giant diamond or the approximately 200000 sequins on Watson's pantsuit. It doesn't matter. Shine on baby.

Blanca Blanco

Blanca Blanco at the Golden Globes
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Don't get me wrong  I'm not bagging Blanca Blanco because she's chosen not to wear black. Hey, women should be allowed to express themselves in their own way. She may have emotions tied to the protest that can't be expressed through wearing black. And that's fine. 

No, I'm bagging this dress because it's really f**king horrible. I think it used to be a nice velvet dress, before Edward Scissorhands was let at it in a violent fit of rage. That must have been very distressing, so Blanco obviously didn't have time to brush out her '80s pin curls or do her makeup in a way that doesn't make her look like a particularly sweaty addict. 

But I guess at least we can't see her vagina this time!

Sarah Paulson 

Sarah Paulson
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Actress Sarah Paulson obviously only remembered it was the Golden Globes while casually swimming a few lanes down at the local pool. She must have just chucked this floor length skirt on over her togs, and let her hair dry naturally, because God knows that’s a combo of swimming cap and chlorine.  I really hope she has her public pool shower regulation jandals on under the gown. And what’s with the weird black ties on the side? I think my Year 11 formal dress had a similar halter style. But that was 2009, when a lot of mistakes were made. Paulson has no excuse. 

Reed Morano

Reed Morano at the Golden Globes
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The Handmaid's Tale director wore what appeared to be Doc Martins on the red carpet, which I struggle with on a spiritual level. However, she's gone and saved herself with a lace corset underneath a black suit tailored suit, which is giving some great 1998 Madonna vibes. I mean she could have done her hair, but I guess that's not really the point here.

The director posted on Instagram earlier today that she chose to wear black because she "won't be silenced", along with a still from her own show.

"We will ALL be treated WITH THE RESPECT WE HAVE EARNED," she wrote.

The Stranger Things boys

The Stranger Things cast
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Just because you're 15 doesn't mean you can't make a statement. Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlaughlin, Finn Wolfhard and Noah Schnapp all showed up on the red carpet in their best black sits, sporting the 'Times Up' pins. McLaughlin even took it a step further with a high neck black skivvy under his suit, which must have meant that he was swelteringly hot but was willing to suffer for the good of the protest. What a (soon to be) man.


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