'Hope you choke on that lamb!' - Vegans attack Chris Pratt

  • 18/01/2018

Chris Pratt is facing a backlash from animal rights activists for sharing social media messages that describe his love of meat.

He's being called "disgusting garbage" for eating lamb, with one message even hoping he chokes while eating it.

The Jurassic World star took to Instagram and Twitter with a photo of lamb meat and details about how the animal was killed using a "trauma free" method, after living a "very good life".

Pratt followed it up with a video message in which he chats about his meal - both posts seem to have upset some vegetarians and vegans.

"I'm eating lamb, fresh farm-to-table lamb," Pratt says in the video. "They are the happiest lambs on the planet, they are so sweet and then one day they wake up dead and they're in my freezer. If you're vegetarian, I apologise, I don't mean to be insensitive, but I did have a wonderful lamb lunch."

Some responses on Twitter have been fiery, to say the least.

Pratt has not yet responded to the backlash.