Jeremy Kyle nearly broke his wrist chasing guest who stole DNA results

  • 13/01/2018
Jeremy Kyle jumps on Dan's back.
Jeremy Kyle jumps on Dan's back. Photo credit: The Jeremy Kyle Show

Jeremy Kyle has almost broken his wrist after chasing a guest around backstage after she stole DNA results which would reveal the true father of her children.

Kelly appeared on the show with her fiancé John, who was convinced none of their three children were his.

If the DNA results proved Kelly had been cheating on him, it would put a stop to their upcoming marriage.

But when it came time for the reveal, Kelly took off with the tell-all envelope in-hand.

"Sorry, those are my envelopes and this is my show!" the show host said, tearing after her.

Kyle jumped onto a security guard's back, trying to hitch a ride.

"Sorry, Dan, I'm jumping on your back! Take me!" Jeremy said, before immediately falling off and landed heavy on his side.

"I've just broken my wrist! I've just fallen off Dan's back! I've just broken my wrist - but it doesn't matter."

It didn't stop his pursuit.

He eventually located Kelly and confirmed John is, in fact, the biological father.

All that for nothing.

Local media reported his wrist turned out not to be broken.