Jimmy Carr calls Jacinda Ardern 'the opposite of Trump'

Infamously quick-witted comedian Jimmy Carr has praised Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern by calling her "the opposite of Donald Trump".

Jacinda Ardern and Jimmy Carr both appeared as guests on The Project on Monday, and when the Prime Minister admitted she was nervous around the notoriously savage comic, he put her mind at ease by saying: "You'll be fine. I love you. You're like the opposite of [US President Donald] Trump."

When Ardern asked Carr for some tips on dealing with hecklers in her own job, he responded by saying, "I'm not sure the things I say would be appropriate in Parliament," although the Prime Minister wasn't convinced, saying, "I challenge that."

When Ardern pressed Carr for help getting an invite to the royal wedding, he pointed out that as the leader of a nation, she could probably just show up and it would be awkward if they didn't let her in. 

Carr will touring the country this January as part of his The Best of, Ultimate, Gold, Greatest Hits tour and will be hitting cities across both the North and South Island.

Despite obviously warming to our Prime Minister, the comic still took a few swipes at New Zealand, saying that as he tours our country he'll be seeing "seven cities in a country with five cities". 

Watch the full interview from The Project for more.