Nico & Vinz fall for NZ during tour with Six60

Norwegian pop duo Nico and Vinz have had some of the biggest hits of the last four years.

Now the pair are touring New Zealand with Six60, and they can't get enough of our beautiful country.

"That's not usual that every single place, town, city has been gorgeous in its own way and I'm not just saying this because we're here and I'm trying to impress my New Zealanders - but it's really, really gorgeous," says Nico, whose real name is Kahouly Nicolay Sereba.

It's the duo's first time in New Zealand. It took them 24 hours to get here from Norway, and after travelling so far, they couldn't believe Kiwi crowds knew all the words to their songs.

"We were just shocked! Because it's funny because we're just so far away," says Vinz, whose real name is Vincent Dery.

Most of their shows have sold out, including Saturday night's gig at Auckland's Villa Maria.

The love they've received from fans here has made Kiwi crowds some of their favourites.

"Six months ago I didn't know any Kiwis, I thought Kiwi was a fruit!" says Vinz. "And all of a sudden I know a bunch of Kiwis you know, and especially touring with Six60."

The pair also toured with the Kiwi band in Europe last year. Now they've become great friends.

"It's definitely something special about coming to where they're from and performing here with them," says Vinz.

Nico and Vinz met through a mutual friend in Norway, and formed a group in 2010 under the name Envy.

"Every time you searched Envy in Google we were never the first thing that popped up, so we wanted something more accessible," says Nico.

Once they changed their name, success came almost overnight with their 2014 hit 'Am I Wrong'.

The pair chose to film the video in Africa, which is a place very special to them.

"We wanted to show the Africa we knew which is happy, joyful, colourful," says Nico.

Since shooting to fame, they've been using their status to promote change. They've visited refugee camps in war-torn African countries, and have been working with the UN on AIDS awareness.

"We're really not far away from getting rid of the epidemic, so that's something that we felt like you know what, let's help make this last push," says Nico.

And in between saving the world, Nico and Vinz are already eyeing up their next album.


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