Pornhub releases the most-viewed genres for each country in 2017

Warning: The following article references sexually explicit content.

'Lesbian' sex dominated much of the western world's porn-viewing habits last year, according to the world's largest porn website.  

The category was the most popular in New Zealand, Australia, US, UK and Canada, among others, in Pornhub's annual figures for 2017. 

The regional data is just one part of the site's massive year-in-review, which provides some interesting reading on pornography habits around the globe. 

'Hentai' (Japanese cartoon porn) was most viewed through almost all of Asia.

While most popular searches tended to clump together geographically, such as almost all of Africa preferring 'Ebony', some countries proved to be outliers. Bolivia, Nepal and Nicaragua may be divided by thousands of miles, but they are united in their love of 'Teen' porn.

Pornhub releases the most-viewed genres for each country in 2017

The most searched categories globally, in order, are 'Lesbian', 'Hentai' and 'MILF'.

One of the most increasingly popular searches for the year was 'Porn for Women', which saw an increase of 1400 percent over the year. 

Bizarrely, 'Fidget Spinners' and 'Rick and Morty' themed porn both also saw surges in popularity.

Average session time has reportedly gone up globally by 23 seconds, with the Philippines maintaining their record for longest average session at 13 minutes and 28 seconds. 

More than 25 billion searches are made on the site every day and almost 600,000 hours of content uploaded last year. 

That equates to roughly 68 years worth of porn.