Prince William accepts defeat, debuts brand new buzz cut

Prince William accepts defeat, debuts brand new buzz cut
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Prince William appears to have partially accepted his baldness, stepping out with a surprise new closely cropped haircut.

The Duke of Cambridge showed off the new style at a charity event supporting veterans employed in the NHS on Thursday, E! Online reports.

His hair has been thinning for quite some time, earning the prince some gentle teasing from his wife and brother.

"I think he definitely is brainier than I am, but we established that at school, along with his baldness," Prince Harry has previously joked.

William joked shortly after his son, Prince George, was born that the baby already had "way more hair than me, thank god!"

Social media was mixed on the haircut, with some users congratulating William for it.

"He did it! Prince William embraced the buzz!" one user tweeted.


"I'm glad Prince William accepted what is and embraced it. He still fine," wrote another.

However, not everyone was in favour of the cut, with some commentators arguing the prince did not go far enough.

"Thank god Prince William shaved his bloody head but too bad he didn't shave it completely bald," one user complained.

"[I love you] but cut to the chase and shave your whole head already Prince William," another said.


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