Review: The Commuter is Hitchcock meets Taken, on a train

First, they took Liam Neeson's family, in a movie called Taken.

Then, something similar happened on a plane in Non Stop, aka Taken On A Plane.

Now, something Liam Neeson's family is in trouble again in Taken On A Train, aka The Commuter.

To be fair, this is more a Hitchockian-style thriller than an all-out action. But if you're a fan of Liam Neeson beating up bad guys, you'll get to see a fair bit of that.

This is one of those desperate, frantic thrillers in which Liam Neeson is working out how to survive moment-to-moment, while also trying to work out who the bad guys are and how to ultimately bring them down.

It has some great twists and turns, laying out a wonderful array of clues and red herrings for Liam Neeson - and the audience - to put together.

I was definitely wanted to see more action and the fight scenes it does have could've certainly been more satisfying. It's a solid action-thriller that Liam Neeson fans will enjoy, but probably forget about soon after seeing it.

Three stars.

* The Commuter is in cinemas now.


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