Shirtless Mike McRoberts creates social media frenzy

  • 29/01/2018

When Newshub's Mike McRoberts posted an innocuous online photo of himself on the beach, he probably wasn't expecting the reaction he received.

And it hasn't escaped the attention of The Project team either, who were quick to rib their colleague for his showmanship.

The veteran news reporter, named News Presenter of the Year at the 2017 NZ Television Awards, completed his first Ocean Swim in the Wellington Harbour on Sunday.

He decided to post a snap of himself half-in, half-out of his wetsuit to celebrate.

But his social media admirers seemed to be more appreciative of his physical form than his athletic achievement.

The snap provoked a range of Twitter reactions, ranging from the impressed to the downright lascivious.

On Instagram, the reaction was similar, with comments including 'dangg ole silver fox over here' and 'Mike McRoberts lookin HOT'. 

Host Kanoa Lloyd told The Project that when she saw her friend and colleague's Instagram photo, she refrained from 'liking' it for fear it might send the wrong message.

Guest host Jeremy Elwood compared McRoberts to both Daniel Craig as James Bond and Star Wars character Kylo Ren. 

Watch the video for the full Project interview.