The back to work survival guide

Back to work? You are not alone.
Back to work? You are not alone. Photo credit: Credit: Getty

It's the end of that glorious period of overeating, overdrinking and under-sleeping. 

For many workers, the 3rd of January marked the brutal end to the summer break and the grand return to work. 

No more lunch time wine and platters. No more mid-afternoon naps. 

If Buffy was a bit of you today, you're not alone.

According to psychologist Sara Chatwin, people are likely to "have a feeling of stress, a few nerves, a few butterflies, and a little bit of trepidation about starting work again". 

Me all day:

It's a common case of  #backtoworkblues – and now it's trending on Twitter.

A mix of emotions that sums up the first day back. 

And in case you thought waking up was going to be the hardest part of the day, remembering what to do next was likely just as difficult. 

If you've been back at your desk today, there's a chance you've wept and struggled.

And battled three-thirtyitis. 

And for those rare few, three days in, and still sticking to their ‘new year, new me’ intentions: 

So what’s Chatwin's advice to make it through? "Prepare yourself for the onset of work - just take a couple of hours out to make a plan, and set a few short term goals.

Or you can always start planning the next holiday.