Virtual reality users watch on in horror as gamer suffers seizure

Footage has emerged of the alarming moment gamers watched on helplessly as a virtual reality user suffered a seizure in an online chat room.

Gamer Rogue Shadow VR, who often records his gaming sessions and posts them online, captured the footage in-game and put it on his YouTube channel, where it has since been shared widely.

The video, which was taken on a social virtual reality platform called VRChat, shows an avatar writhing on the floor as others frantically try to determine the seriousness of what they are witnessing.

Players can be heard debating what's going on before one wonders aloud whether he is suffering an epileptic seizure.

Another user offers some advice: "If he is having a seizure, you just let it pass. There's not much you can do."

Rogue Shadow VR explained the feeling of helplessness he and other users felt as they watched the avatar squirm on the ground beneath them in a follow-up video.

"We didn't even know what part of the planet this person lived on, and all we could do was just observe," he said.

"There was no way we could tell at first, because all we see is this character he's playing as."

Rogue Shadow VR said he shared the video "for the purposes of spreading awareness of epilepsy, which must be considered with the emergence of virtual reality".

He also explained that since talking with the gamer who suffered the seizure, Rogue Shadow VR had discovered the gamer was now fine and had gained their permission to post footage of it publicly.


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