YouTuber says 'Gucci Gang' one million times for charity

  • 16/01/2018

A YouTube star has cashed in on a 2017 meme to make a small fortune for Red Nose Day.

Graham the Christian live-streamed himself repeating the words "Gucci Gang" a mammoth one million times over 15 consecutive days.

When he finally said the millionth "Gucci Gang", he burst into tears.

The stunt was inspired by the viral response to Lil Pump's song 'Gucci Gang', which features the phrase said repetitively a dozen times as the chorus.

On YouTube, the 'Gucci Gang' video has been viewed more than 431 million times, since it was uploaded less than three months ago.

Driving donations during his live-stream, Graham the Christian says he helped raise more than US$10,000 for Red Nose Day, which combats child poverty.

The last 1000 times he said "Gucci Gang" have been uploaded to Youtube, complete with his emotional response to finishing.