Anna Hutchison to star in Braveheart sequel

Anna Hutchison
Hutchison is a die-hard fan of the Mel Gibson original. Photo credit: Getty

Go Girls actress turned Hollywood stalwart Anna Hutchinson is starring in a new Scottish blockbuster, touted as a Braveheart sequel 23 years after Mel Gibson's original.

Robert the Bruce, starring Scottish actor Angus MacFadyen will reportedly pick up where Braveheart dropped off. The historical drama will follow his widow, who multiple media outlets name as Moira (Hutchison), as she saves the King of Scotland who begins living with her and her family.

Hutchison, 32, told NZME she and MacFayden worked together last year, and "got along famously". 

"We would take long walks around the grounds of the castle where we were staying and we really connected. He has so much experience as an actor and I learned a lot from him."

She said after watching she was excited to star in the new historical drama in such a significant role, especially considering the place the original blockbuster has in her heart.

"I must have watched Braveheart over 100 times. We were studying the film for English in fifth form and I memorised the whole screenplay and managed to get 98 percent in my exam! Watching Braveheart made me want to be an actor."



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