Aussie breakfast hosts left red-faced after awkward on-air lie detector test

Some Aussie breakfast television hosts have been left red-faced and scrambling to defend themselves after an on-air lie detector test took a turn for the awkward.

Sunrise stars Samantha Armytage, David Koch and Natalie Barr were forced to admit to various indiscrepancies during the segment, including drug use, cosmetic surgery and theft.

The test, which aired Monday morning on Channel Seven, also added fuel to rumours of on-set discord, as all three provided false responses to the experts when saying they liked their co-hosts equally.

Similarly, to the question "do you think you're the biggest star on the show?" all three hosts were found to be lying when they responded "no".

"I've been there for the longest, but [I'm] not the biggest," Koch, who has hosted the show since 2002, said - immediately prompting the woman managing the machine to declare his answer as "false".

Armytage and Barr were also caught out, causing Armytage's outburst of "that's not true!"

All three hosts admitted to gossiping about their colleagues and smoking pot, although Armytage insisted it was only "a bit at uni".

Koch was also accused of lying about having cosmetic surgery to which he laughingly responded "No! Look at me!"



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