Bella Hadid's topless puppy pic too racy for Instagram?

Topless, near nude Bella Hadid photo with puppy removed from Instagram.
Photo credit: Getty

Warning: This article contains an image that may offend.

A racy photo of Bella Hadid posing almost naked with her new puppy was posted on Instagram, but shortly later the image had disappeared.

The 21-year-old wore only a skin-coloured G-string in the pic, holding the cute dog against her chest to hide her modesty.

Bella Hadid nude topless puppy photo, taken by Mimi Cuttrell.
Photo credit: Instagram/mimicuttrell

Hadid captioned the post: "Puppy's first day shopping."

The photo was taken and posted by her stylist, Mimi Cuttrell, with Hadid beaming at the camera in a large mirror she's sitting beside, sitting partially on what appears to be the clothes she'd just taken off.

It was snapped in the fitting room of NYC boutique What Comes Around Goes Around.

Hadid didn't explain why the post was taken down, but it may have broken Instagram's nudity rules.

Later, she posted a second photo of her new puppy in the same boutique, this time fully clothed.


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