Bro'Town movie is coming, reveal show's creators

Naked Samoans members Oscar Kightley and Mario Gaoa have announced they're working on a bro'Town movie nearly 10 years after the series' last episode aired.

The fifth and final season of the show played on TV3 in 2009.

Speaking to Mai FM, Kightley revealed the Naked Samoans had recently received funding to work on a script for the movie adaptation.

"We've got some funding just this week to do some script development for a bro'Town movie," he said.

Kightley also said the script has been in the works for around half a decade, meaning the movie may not be too far away.

"It's been about five years of us working on it... as soon as we get the script done, we'll be trying to bang it out," he said.

Theres not much other detail about the script just yet, but Kightley says fans of the series can rest assured the movie won't be of poor quality.

"Since the series was so loved we didn't want the movie to be stink," Kightley said.


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