Cantabrian claims luckiest 9 in 10 win in AM Show history

A Christchurch woman walked away with two new home ventilation packages after a decisive, but fluky win on The AM Show's 9 in 10 on Tuesday morning.

Chris, who had her husband and son watching on intently as she made her live TV appearance, said it was a bit early for her to feel too confident but she was "willing to give it a crack".

And an incredible crack it was, as she set about naming nine US states in 10 seconds at the Lyttleton Bakery.

"Alabama, Texas, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alaska, Virginia, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota," she said, naming 10.

She had a number of double-ups, which made her victory appear more clear-cut than it actually was, but she was ultimately successful.

However in an incredible twist, Chris said she had only prepared for one possible question, which was, luckily for her, the one she was given.

"I came in and said, 'I've been practising at home, and unless it's US states, I'm not going to get it'," she said.

"Oh you are kidding me! What are the chances?" host Duncan Garner exclaimed, before joking that the Mediaworks lawyers would be launching an enquiry into why she was so primed for that question.

When asked what she would do with her second DVS home ventilation system, Chris was frank about her intentions.

"I'd like to get cash somehow, so I'll probably sell it," she admitted.


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