Ex-Bachelorette Chrystal Chenery posts tearful Valentine's Day message

Ex-Bachelorette Chrystal Chenery has posted an emotional Instagram story, begging fans for support, after her ex-boyfriend allegedly took custody of their dog. 

Chenery was a contestant on the first season of The Bachelor NZ, competing for the heart of Art Green. Since the series, she had been dating Auckland real estate agent Ricky Cave. The pair split near the end of 2017 and at the time it was reported they were amicably sharing custody of French bulldog puppy Bruce. 

But now it appears things have changed. 

In an emotional series of videos posted to Instagram on Wednesday, Chenery pleaded with followers to send her negative stories about their exes, following her own experience.  

"Hi, so I have a problem that I want some help with," Chenery says in the first video, filmed in her car. "I need some stories to make me feel better. 

"My ex-boyfriend has taken my dog off me. I haven't seen Bruce in three weeks and it's so hurtful.

"So while its Valentine's Day and everyone is loved up, I'm doing a 'Tell A Sh*t Story About Your Ex Day' and message me about how hurtful people can be to each other when, once upon a time, you used to love each other." 

She goes on to reflect on how "unfair" it is that "men can move on and date whoever they want". 

"My ex didn't like who I was dating so, to get back at me, he's taken Bruce, and I haven't seen my baby in three weeks and I'm missing him.

"So yeah, Happy Valentine's Day and for all those people who don't have Valentines, please share a sh*t story with me. I know it will make me feel better. 

"It's so rude how men can just go and move on, and date whoever they want and do whatever they please, and there's no judgment.

The yoga instructor and ex-reality star also posted a picture of herself and Frenchie Bruce, writing: "I normally only share the good, happy times on Instagram! Maybe that's the problem, we feel like we are going through tough times alone. My ex won't let me see OUR PUPPY. That I've raised from a baby. How's your Valentine's Day?"




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