Foo Fighters Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins fight the 'dad band' label

Thousands of Kiwis will be 'throwing up the horns' tomorrow night, when the Foo Fighters bring their Concrete and Gold tour to Mount Smart Stadium.

They're one of rock's most consistent figures and have been releasing albums since the end of front man Dave Grohl's previous band, Nirvana.

Three's The Project caught up with Grohl and drummer Taylor Hawkins to find out how they handle mega-rock stardom and their 'dad band' label.

Grohl and Hawkins originally had some discomfort with the label, saying they don't believe they've crossed the hill into dad band territory just yet.

"This news presenter right out of the gate first question: 'so, you're dad band' and we were like 'no-one had ever called us a dad band before'," Grohl said.

"F**k you, man."

Hawkins added: "I guess we are a dad band though."

Watch the video for the full The Project interview.

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