Gordon Ramsay, Steven Adams strike up online bromance

  • 27/02/2018
Steven Adams and Gordon Ramsay
This is one cooking show we could get behind. Photo credit: Getty

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has offered a tasty deal to Kiwi basketball star Steven Adams. 

The famously fiery British chef offered to teach the NBA star how to make the perfect beef wellington, after Adams revealed Ramsay was his hero and mince pies were his favourite food. 

In a new quick-fire interview with ESPN, the Oklahoma City Thunder player was asked questions about his favourite things. When asked about his personal hero, Adams had a suprising, non-sport related answer.  

"My personal hero is Gordon Ramsay," Adams replied."He's amazing, he has an amazing story behind him." 

Adams also had a classically Kiwi answer when asked about his favourite junk food. 

"Probably a mince pie," he answered.

"You guys don't have them over here. So it's like ground beef in a pie - it's like a chicken pot pie but with beef. They're a thousand times better in New Zealand." 

Now his personal hero, Ramsay, has responded to the NBA superstar, offering a deal playing on both their talents. 

 ".@RealStevenAdams     teach me how to dunk and I'll teach you how to make the perfect Wellington.....Deal ?" Ramsay tweeted. 

A beef Wellington is the English equivalent of a Kiwi mince pie. 

The bromance continued as Adams replied that he only taught free throws, adding "much love brother".



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