Grant Robertson's Pride set at Golden Dawn 'brought the party'

Grant Robertson's Pride set at Golden Dawn 'brought the party', says Matt Crawley.
Grant Robertson DJing at Golden Dawn Photo credit: Twitter/grantrobertson1

Grant Robertson's DJ set from Golden Dawn after the 2018 Auckland Pride Parade has been published online.

The Finance Minister played an eclectic mix of indie darlings, pop classics and Kiwi hits - from Belle & Sebastian to Michael Jackson to the Patea Maori Club.

Mr Robertson himself tweeted a link to a Spotify playlist of his set, although he says it isn't an exact replication of the night.

His performance came at the request of Golden Dawn entertainment manager Matthew Crawley, who has been hosting several special events before the bar closes down on March 24.

"I knew Grant was a massive Flying Nun fan and he was on my wish-list for DJs to play at Golden Dawn before it closes," says Mr Crawley.

"I didn't want to make a big thing of it, it wasn't meant to be a novelty. I just have a lot of respect for him and I know he's a massive music fan.

"He went one-for-one with Linda T. He was only meant to do an hour, but ended up doing three. The dancefloor was manic!"

Mr Crawley says he was especially impressed that the MP finished his set late, then got up and flew to Wellington at 7am to run Round the Bays the next morning.

"I was really chuffed when he played The Jam, Belle & Sebastian, New Order and Sisters Underground," he says.

"He lived up to and exceeded my expectations. I knew he had great taste, I didn't know he'd bring the party."

The full playlist is as follows:

1.       New Order - 'True Faith'

2.       New Order - 'Bizarre Love Triangle'

3.       New Order - '1963'

4.       New Order - 'Regret'

5.       Fazerdaze - 'Lucky Girl'

6.       Waxaahatchee - 'Never Been Wrong'

7.       Belle & Sebastian - 'I'll Be Your Pilot'

8.       The National - 'The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness'

9.       Straitjacket Fits - 'All That That Brings'

10.   3Ds - 'Outer Space'

11.   Galaxie 500 - 'Ceremony'

12.   The Primitives - 'Crash'

13.   The Style Council - 'Walls Come Tumbling Down'

14.   Billy Bragg - 'There is Power in a Union'

15.   Diana Ross - 'I'm Coming Out'

16.   Troye Sivan - 'YOUTH'

17.   Madonna - 'Like a Prayer'

18.   Michael Jackson - 'Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough'

19.   Prince - 'Kiss'

20.   Sisters Underground - 'In the Neighbourhood'

21.   Joy Division - 'Love Will Tear Us Apart'

22.   Pixies - 'Here Comes Your Man'

23.   The Jam - 'Man In The Corner Shop'

24.   Guided By Voices - 'Teenage FBI'

25.   The Great Unwashed - 'Born in the Wrong Time'

26.   The Cure - 'Inbetween Days'

27.   Patea Maori Club - 'Poi E'

28.   The Verlaines - 'Death & The Maiden'

29.   Hello Sailor - 'Gutter Black'

30.   Tim Finn - 'Couldn't Be Done'

31.   Mark Williams - 'Yesterday Was Just The Beginning of My Life'

32.   George Michael - 'Father Figure'

33.   Britney Spears - '...Baby One More Time'

34.   Split Enz - 'I Got You'

35.   Pet Shop Boys - 'Always On My Mind'

36.   A Flock of Seagulls - 'I Ran (So Far Away)'

37.   The Clean - 'Billy Two'