Iconic music venue Kings Arms closes its doors for the final time

It's one of Auckland's iconic venues and as the Kings Arms closes its door, so too does a chapter in New Zealand music.

The fans are devastated and actually very sweary about it.

For the past 30 years, it seems like everyone played there, from baby bands to heavy hitters.

It doesn't matter if they were reggae or pop or metal, they're all now singing the blues. 

If the venue was the lifeblood of the music scene, Lisa Gordon was its beating heart.

Daughter of the previous owner who recently passed away, Lisa grew up at Kings Arms.

It started in the 1800s. Her parents bought it in the 1990s, she told Three's The Project.

"Bands just felt comfortable playing here."

She says she has been overwhelmed at how much love people have for the venue.

From fans, artists and owners, those behind the scenes say we may never see the like of this again.

Indie radio parties, VNZMA Critics Awards, even stand-up comedy found a home here. 

As the last crowds leave, the last PA packed down, the little venue that was so big plays its last encore before unplugging forever.

Watch the video above for the full story.


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