Kendall Jenner posts totally naked shoot on Instagram

Kendall Jenner
Jenner's new shoot has fans split. Photo credit: Getty

Kendall Jenner is raising eyebrows after posting a series of totally nude artist shots on Instagram.

The Victoria's Secret angel and supermodel posed for a series of black-and-white photos, wearing absolutely no clothing, firstly on a series of concrete steps and then on an ornate wooden table.

Jenner preserved her modestly by folding her arms across her chest and crossing her legs. 

While many fans of the Keeping up with the Kardashians starlet posted their admiration of the photos, one feature stood out to some.

Apparently, many couldn't stop looking at her left foot, which was resting on the side of a chair.

"I love you but girl what is wrong with your toes?" one of her 87 million followers commented on the snap.

A second wrote: "Toes are jacked and one foot is twice as long as the other."

While a third wrote: "I'm screaming look at her toes."

Despite the criticism over Jenner's feet, the biggest supporter of the photo shoot was a reporter for Elle, who overtly praised the "stunning" shoot as an example of "what body confidence looks like". 

"When you imagine 'artistic nudes', these are the kinds of pictures you think about," Kayleigh Roberts wrote in her article. "Oh, and the lighting is GOALS."



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