Kim Kardashian under fire for racy photo taken by 4-year-old daughter North

Kim Kardashian under fire for topless photo taken by 4-year-old daughter North.
Photo credit: Instagram/kimkardashian

Kim Kardashian is being criticised over getting her four-year-old daughter North to take a racy photo of her for Instagram.

The reality TV star is looking at herself in the mirror while removing a bra in the pic, in which North can also be seen.

"[Photo emoji] by North," Kim captioned the post.

Some celebrities including Emily Ratajkowski and North's grandmother Kris Jenner gave the photo a like, but others weren't happy.  

"Why should a child be taking risqué photos of her mom? Wrong," commented Haley Arianna.

"Do u see what you're teaching her [North]?" asked @brandonbronze.

Eboni New left a comment imitating what Kim may have told North: "Hey Sweetie take my picture as I pull my bra off. Learn something because this is your future career".

In other comments, Kim is called "worst role model", accused of "cheapening" her family and of acting in a "distasteful" manner.

Other Instagram users were more measured.

"I think we all see different things based on our life perspectives," commented Lisa Hallman.

"My perspective says this is okay, there is beauty in the female form and why can't her daughter see that? But I do understand other life perspectives, and can see why with a different mind frame you could see this as wrong."

Kim herself has not responded to the controversy.


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