Logan Paul accused of 'playing the victim' after emotional interview

Logan Paul is being accused of "playing the victim" and not being sincerely remorseful for his notorious suicide video, following his latest statements.

The YouTube star caused outrage after publishing a video of him and friends going into Japan's infamous 'Suicide Forest' before giggling and joking beside the body of a man who had taken his own life.

"It's not like I'm a bad guy. I'm a good guy who made a bad decision," Paul says in an emotional interview with Good Morning America (GMA).

"It's been tough because, ironically, I'm being told to commit suicide myself. Millions of people literally telling me they hate me, to go die in a fire. The most horrible, horrific things."

The interview doesn't address the cultural insensitivity and general offensiveness Paul showcased in the videos he made in Japan, which have also outraged countless people.

Paul said he "didn't necessarily agree" with YouTube's punitive action against him due to the controversy created by his suicide video, but that ultimately it's been beneficial for him.

"I believe it happened for a reason and that reason is so I could take this experience, learn from it, spread the message the right way about suicide prevention and suicide prevention awareness."

Reaction online to Paul's GMA interview, along with a comment he left on Cardi B's Instagram account, has included harsh criticism.

On a photo of herself at the Grammys, the 'Bodak Yellow' rapper stated, "They trinna crucify me like they did Christ," to which Paul responded: "Lawlz u tellin me."

"Stop playing the victim, you filmed a dead body without a care," said @peachylike on Twitter.

"This is why no one believes your remorse," added Instagram user @claibeezy_.

"Life pro-tip from my experiences: if someone has to tell you they are a 'good guy', they're usually not," noted Angela Nissel.

Paul continues to release videos on his official YouTube page.


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