Lorde adorably gushes over Incredibles 2 on Twitter, agrees to go to midnight session with random fan

The first trailer for Disney-Pixar's The Incredibles 2 has been released and one of its biggest fans is Kiwi pop star Lorde.

She took to Twitter to express her excitement about the sequel, before delighting fans by responding to their replies - even agreeing to see the film with one of them.

"Way too hype for The Incredibles 2, I've waited half my life for this," Lorde tweeted.

When a fan replied saying they should attend a midnight premiere together, she was overjoyed when the 'Royals' hitmaker agreed.

"Holy shit if there's a midnight premiere, I'm there," said Lorde.

The fan, who has the Twitter username @jasminecantfly, has little more than 300 followers.

After Lorde's reply, she sent to ecstatic tweets in all capitals exclaiming, "HOLY SHIT, DID LORDE JUST REPLY TO ME?"

Another tweet showed her making the reply from Lorde her phone's wallpaper.

Lorde replied to another fan to gush about the character Violet, leading to yet another fan pointing out how much they look alike.

The Incredibles 2 sees the beloved superhero family dealing with day-to-day 'normal' life, before a new villain's brilliant and dangerous scheme forces them to work together again.

It's set for a mid-June release.