Māori metal band Alien Weaponry signs with European label Napalm Records

Kiwi thrash metal band Alien Weaponry has landed a major international record deal with Napalm Records.

The Austrian-based label will globally market and sell the debut album of the Waipū three-piece, who sing in Te Reo Māori, later this year.

Some of Napalm's other acts include Satyricon, The Sword, Hammerfall and Cavalera Conspiracy.

"Napalm is a great label for us to work with, because their whakapapa includes a lot of thrash metal, which is where our roots are," says drummer Henry de Jong.

"We fit within their whanau, but we're also doing something different, introducing our own language and style. We think we will both grow and benefit from this relationship."

The three teens are "the youngest musicians we have ever added to the Napalm band roster", according to label spokesperson Sebastian Muench.

"Their combination of old school thrash metal, and Māori culture elements and language creates intense and energetic songs that should be highly attractive to all true genre fans, especially those who stopped listening to Sepultura after the Roots album."

Alien Weaponry released a debut EP The Zego Sessions in 2014, before starting work on their full-length debut at Neil Finn's Roundhead Studios in Auckland, with record producer Tom Larkin, in September 2015.

Last year, the band signed with German-based management agency das Maschine, before announcing a European Festival tour that included slots at MetalDays in Slovenia and Wacken Open Air in Germany.