Married At First Sight Australia: Tension and tears during Davina, Ryan's awkward home visit

The home visits on Married At First Sight Australia can be tense for a myriad of reasons, but none more so than during Tuesday night's episode, when cheating Davina visited husband Ryan's family home. 

After Sunday night's dramatic episode of the Aussie reality show - when Dean dumped mistress Davina and went back to his wife, Tracey - one person left reeling was Davina's husband Ryan. Forced to stay together another week, awkwardness ensued when Davina was taken to Ryan's family farm.

During the episode Ryan confronted Davina over her actions with Dean, but the bikini model refused to apologise for cheating.

"I'm not going to not feel a certain way, just because you don't like it. I'm going to do me," a defiant Davina told Ryan.

Things got particularly tense during a family lunch with Ryan's parents, when they started asking questions about the couple's relationship.

While Ryan seemed keen not to spoil the day by addressing the issue, Davina attempted to brush over the tension.

"We kind of had a few blues but now that we've gotten to know each other... we get along like a house on fire," the bikini model laughingly answered Ryan's father.

"Things literally change day by day. It's so funny.

"This week more so than any other week we're so much more normal. We're so relaxed."

Ryan however, avoided the question.

"That's a very good question... it's a story for another time. It's the wrong time and place," he muttered into his sandwiches. 

The awkward lunch ended in tears as an emotional Davina was comforted by Ryan's mother.

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