MediaWorks announces new channel ThreeLife

  • 15/02/2018

MediaWorks will launch new channel ThreeLife in April with a show line-up that includes Married At First Sight USA, Restaurant Revolution and Bondi Vet.

Each night on ThreeLife will be themed, with all things food on Monday, DIY Thursday and romance reality on Friday.

The channel hopes to help its audience escape the daily grind and embrace their not-so-guilty pleasures.

"ThreeLife is where Kiwis will come to view programmes that focus on their favourite pastimes," says MediaWorks' Chief Content Officer Andrew Szusterman.

"It's a great opportunity for audiences to binge-watch television that they love, and for advertisers to meet Kiwis in their happy place."

ThreeLife will be available from April 15 on Freeview channel 11, with The Edge moving to Freeview channel 14.

Sky and Vodafone channels will be announced at a later date.