Moana 'Maui' lookalike fired after conning fans

Moana 'Maui' lookalike fired after conning fans
Photo credit: Image - Moana (left), Instagram (right).

A popular Maui lookalike from Disney movie Moana has been dropped by the company for lying to his loyal fanbase.

Kyle Paala used his striking resemblance, both in looks and his singing voice, to make appearances and perform at parties of fans of the Pacific Island-set movie.

But the 24-year-old, formerly endorsed by Disney itself, has lost his magic, now that it's been revealed he owed up to 40 different clients money, after charging them and not turning up.

He even texted the mother of a young girl who he was scheduled to perform for, saying his aunty was sick in hospital and he was "not going to make it".

His aunty was fine, he later admitted, after being caught out at Disneyland posing with fans.

"I did use that as an excuse," Mr Paala admitted on a Radio Underland podcast. "It wasn't true."

It has since emerged he had been loaned money by former classmates and offered others discounted tickets for Disneyland, which he never gave them.

Mr Paala admitted to Radio Underland he "messed up a lot".

"I had to go out and acknowledge what I did, and I came to do this to let everyone know that I do apologise for my actions.

"I am ready to move forward from it."

It is unclear whether he has paid everyone back.

Disney has dropped Mr Paala as a general worker and cancelled his annual pass to the parks.


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