Pascall, can you sponsor Macklemore?

International rapper Macklemore loves a Kiwi classic treat - Fruit Bursts - so much, he wants to be sponsored by them.

He became well known for 2012 hit 'Thrift Shop', which went five-times platinum and spent nine weeks at the top of the NZ charts.

Macklemore is currently touring his new solo album, Gemini, and caught up with The Project team on Friday night, ahead of his Auckland concert. 

Speaking from backstage at Auckland's Spark Arena, he said his pre-gig ritual in New Zealand was to eat Fruit Bursts. 

"It's the greatest candy in the world and if they want to sponsor anything I do in the future, I would love that."

He also shared his thought of the #TimesUp movement, saying: "It's a beautiful moment, in terms of speaking out, in terms of being honest and sharing experiences that have happened, and I support it 100 percent."

While he doesn't have any plans to shoot music videos on the New Zealand trip, he still hopes to return, saying New Zealand "is so beautiful". 

Watch the video to see the full The Project interview.

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