Review: The Party is brilliantly acerbic joy

A cracking collection of top flight performers delivering a razor-sharp script which is as dark and as it is laugh-out-loud - this is a party I wanted to watch, but never, ever be actually be invited to.

The wonderful Kristin Scott Thomas is Janet, a politician celebrating her dream appointment and lifetime career goal with her long-suffering husband and closest friends.

Before the vol-au-vents are even served, the gathering descends into social anarchy; secrets and lies, in sickness and in health, the bounds of marriage, friendship, love and family will be stretched to breaking point.

I totally forgive you if you're already finding this entire premise ludicrous and unpalatable, and some of the humour simply too biting and joyless to even contemplate.

So don't judge me when I say that sometimes this kind of stinging, ruthless storytelling really does float my boat.

I signed up for the cast, was blown away by the brilliantly acerbic script and left gasping for air at the final shot.

Four big fat stars.

* The Party is currently in New Zealand cinemas.


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