Robbie Williams retiring 'Angels', singing something else instead

  • 02/02/2018

Robbie Williams is reportedly removing 'Angels' from his concert set-lists as performing it live is simply getting too difficult.

The 43-year-old former Take That star says the 1997 hit is just too emotionally powerful and he can't handle it any more.

"I have to hold myself together or I could cry at everything and look pathetic," he says in quotes printed in Metro.

"There are people who put posters up before 'Angels' about their mum or dad who died and I think, 'Oh God, I am going to cry'. It did affect me.

He added, "People want an Under the Radar gig and I will do it", referring to his 2017 album Under the radar Volume 2.

Williams is preparing a new tour after last year revealing "brain abnormalities" meant he had to cancel some tour dates.