Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell runs topless though LA streets

Actress Shay Mitchell has celebrated hitting more than three million subscribers on YouTube in a fairly unconventional way - by running basically naked through the streets of LA.

There's an explanation for the weirdness- the Pretty Little Liars star made a deal with long-time assistant Sammy that she would run naked down the streets of Los Angeles, if her YouTube channel hit three million subscribers.

And as of Friday, she had 3,016,231.

The 30-year-old uploaded the video running topless through her neighbourhood, wearing a unicorn mask on her head, all while her bestie laughs and films from the car.

Mitchell explains at the start of the video: "I was thinking about what I could do to say thanks.

"While I was thinking, Sammy came in and, of course, caught me off guard. While I initially didn't intend on sharing this video with anybody, I thought, 'why the heck not?'"

There's no doubt from watching the vid that it's unbelievably staged and the "surprise" was heavily planned. Mitchell was even sporting perfect underwear for the occasion.

But it's still a laugh, as she gets some bemused looks from her neighbours, most of whom don't realise it's the Hollywood star under the mask.

After her near-naked jog, Mitchell then fell into the car and said: "Guess what happens when I hit ten."



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