Teens try sneaking into Black Panther screening in coat disguise

Two teenagers have attempted to sneak into a Black Panther screening using one of the oldest tricks in the book.

One of the teens climbed on his friend's shoulders, and together the pair buttoned up a large trench coat to make it look like they were one very tall man.

 They topped off the disguise with a fedora hat, then took an escalator upstairs and stood in line for a ticket.

When one of the teens asked for "one to Black Panther", the ticket attendant was not having it.

"You have to get down, man," he said.

The teenagers started laughing, but kept up the act.

"Get down from what?"

The ticket attendant grew more annoyed.

"We can't let you in unless you get down."

The teenagers laughed and walked away disappointed, but having given it a good shot.

"If I was working there I would have totally given you the ticket for the effort," one person wrote on Twitter.


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