The word that almost got the whole AM Show team fired

There were fears social media reporter Aziz Al-Sa'afin was going to prematurely end The AM Show on Friday morning with his explanation of a naughty word.

"Aziz, start the process of getting us all fired," said host Duncan Garner.

"It's been really nice working with you guys," replied Al-Sa'afin, before giving a disclaimer about the video he was about to play.

The word he then used was "queef".

Al-Sa'afin was introducing a viral video of the mother of Twitter user _andreaacruzz, who laughs uncontrollably for around a minute straight after learning the word.

After some persuasion by Garner and AM Show co-hosts Amanda Gillies and Mark Richardson, the word's meaning was then explained live on air.

"A 'queef' is a sound from flatulence from a lady's front-bottom," said Al-Sa'afin.

"That's a good place to leave it, Aziz," replied Garner.


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