'Trump is living in an X-Files world' - David Duchovny

  • 19/02/2018

David Duchovny might be best known for starring in cult paranormal TV series The X-Files, but he's about to tour the world as a musician. 

He chose New Zealand for the first stop on his international tour - but as he told The Project, that might have been a mistake.

"My music guy asked me if I wanted to tour Auckland and I thought he said Oakland, so I said 'sure, why not?'"

Not one to limit himself to just acting, Duchovny also directs and writes novels as well as writing music.

"I consider myself a creative person," he says. "I like to create in different milieus, different genres."

He says music has a power that other creative mediums don't. 

"Songs are like small gems, they kind of unfold and unlock the more you listen to them. Novels are extended meditations. 

"Songs keep on surprising you, so you have to kind of code them with secrets somehow."

Duchovny will play at Auckland's Powerstation on Tuesday and at Wellington's San Fran on Wednesday, but he won't be alone.

"I couldn't do it without the guys in my band who make my songs better and make me sound palatable," he claims modestly. 

Whille his role on The X-Files didn't make him believe in aliens, he does worry that the show's paranormal themes seem a little too real in today's political climate. 

"In the USA, there's a lot of talk about conspiracies from our fearful leader. People say now it seems like Trump is living in an X-Files world, seeing all these conspiracies, and I was like 'please do not put me in the same [sentence]'.

"I think it's like a mea culpa tour I'm on right now. Like 'no, we did not create the whole fake news phenomenon'."

He also confirmed that he and Gillian Anderson are "good friends", putting to bed a long-running rumour that the two co-stars can't stand each other.

Watch the full interview on The Project above.