US rapper Le1f shares racist abuse apparently sent by NZ Grindr user

An American rapper visiting New Zealand for the Pride Festival has shared some vulgar, racist abuse he allegedly received while here.

Le1f, who performed at the Proud party at Auckland's Q Theatre on February 17, is believed to have received the attack over dating app Grindr.

"Clearly you are a thick-as-shit looking n****r from your photo, so you probably barely speak English," says the message.

"If you ever do get an education and quit your addiction to getting stoned, then you might learn how to have a conversation. You ugly n****r."

Le1f, real name Khalif Diouf, shared the uncensored message on his Instagram account.

"I think ya'll should never not see what it's like to be black," he captioned the post.

Rapper Le1f shares racist abuse apparently sent by NZ Grindr user.
Photo credit: Instagram/khalif

In addition to the screenshot of the abuse, Le1f's post includes a photo of an unidentified man lying on a hammock at the beach.

Gay broadcaster and MC Steven Oates, based in Auckland, picked Le1f up from Auckland Airport and dropped him to his hotel.

"He was a lovely guy, very sweet," says Mr Oates, adding he's embarrassed Le1f was subjected to racism in New Zealand.

"No one should be racially abused. One would think that the LGBTI community would be above racism, because we know what it's like to be discriminated against. But apparently racism is alive and thriving within the LGBTI community."

He says it's a particularly unfortunate message for other potential visitors and tourists to Aotearoa to see.

"It's a terrible look for any visitor to be racially abused on any forum while visiting New Zealand," says Mr Oates.

"We like to think we're clean and green, the Scandinavia of the south. But unfortunately, you just need to scratch the surface a bit and you see we have many of the problems that other countries around the world have."

It's not the first time Le1f claims to have been subjected to racism Down under.

He toured Australia before coming to New Zealand and took to Twitter to share with fans his unpleasant experiences with customs.

Le1f has been approached by Newshub for comment.


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