Will Smith learns the hard way you should always blow on a hot pie

Will Smith has learned a hard lesson about the traditional Australian and New Zealand meat pie, burning his mouth as he sank his teeth into the piping hot pastry and filling.

The classic mince and cheese is not popular in the United States, where fruit-based fillings are traditional.

During a tour of Australia he tried a FOUR'N TWENTY brand pie as his first foray into non-dessert pies.

Will Smith tries a meat pie.
Will Smith tries a meat pie. Photo credit: YouTube/Will Smith

Despite an unnamed bystander's warning to be careful, he neglected to blow on the pie or even give it time to cool down, chomping down with great gusto.

"Ouch, that's hot as shit in there!" he exclaimed, before going in for a second mouthful.

The bystander then tells him to chew with his mouth open to help the meat cool down, prompting Smith to question the logic of hot pies.

"But why don't you just wait until it gets cool?" he asked.

The experience didn't put Smith off though - he later said he's looking forward to trying new kinds of food on his trip down under.

Once the skin inside his mouth recovers, of course.


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