British comedian slammed for 'vile', 'misogynistic' sex boasts

A British comedian has been heavily criticised after boasting about sleeping with up to nine women in one night.

Jim Davidson, a popular English comic known for his controversial sense of humour, appeared on Piers Morgan's Life Stories on Saturday (local time).

He was interviewed by the similarly divisive Morgan, who asked him about his scandalous personal life.

While Davidson was staying in a London hotel, he says a friend ordered a number of call girls to visit his bedroom over the course of a single night.

Referring to them as "women of horizontal refreshment", Davidson claims he slept with nine of them.

"The first four or five were all right!" he said when asked what the experience was like.

Davidson is currently on his fifth marriage, and told Morgan it was "absolutely" always the woman's fault for each relationship's failure. 

When asked if he intends to stay with current wife Michelle Cotton, he was silent for some time before saying he hopes so. 

Davidson was a suspect in the sexual abuse sting Operation Yewtree in 2012, which brought to light the historic crimes of media personality Jimmy Savile.

While Davidson was cleared of all charges, he says he was left scarred by the experience.

"[I] won't have a conversation alone in a room with a woman," he told Morgan. 

The episode drew significant criticism, with many viewers complaining about Davidson's perceived misogyny on social media.

Others took issue with the comedian imitating a West Indian accent.


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