British tabloids claim Princess Diana's ghost will attend Meghan and Harry's wedding

A common ghost; Diana, Princess of Wales
A common ghost; Diana, Princess of Wales Photo credit:; Reuters

Princess Diana will attend Meghan and Harry's royal wedding next month despite having been dead for over two decades, according to UK media.

British tabloids, including the Daily Star, the Mirror and the Daily Express, have reported the ghost of the late Princess of Wales will join her son's nuptials.

And they don't appear to be joking.

The story originated at the Daily Star, which was convinced after speaking with a pair of self-proclaimed psychics before sensationally reporting their claims as fact.

"On Thursday, Harry and Megs sent out 600 Royal invites for the Windsor Castle ceremony, but the shock new guest brings the total to 601," Nicholas Bieber wrote in his Daily Star article.

"And the person to reveal the news is Diana herself - who reveals she 'wouldn't miss it for thee world [sic]'."

British tabloids claim Princess Diana will attend Prince Harry and Meghan's wedding - as a ghost.
Some of the UK media coverage of the so-called psychics' claims Photo credit: Various

His apparently magically gifted sources are twins Terry and Linda Jamison, who don't elaborate on whether Diana would be in ghost form, zombie form, an invisible spirit or something else.

The Mirror reckons she'll be in ghost form, according to its headline.

"I was also there for William and Kate's wedding," says Princes Diana's ghost, according to the Jamisons, via the Daily Star.

"It will be beautiful, a small version of my own ceremony... and with a horse and carriage. Mine was overwhelming, to say the least."

Meghan and Harry will be married at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle in Berkshire, on May 19 at 12pm (local time).

Buckingham Palace has not commented on whether any supernatural beings are expected to attend.